Acadia National Park

Day 1 – May 19

The drive up was nice, little to no traffic. The weather in our home town was warm and cloudy. The weather app for Acadia says cool and cloudy with a chance of rain. We were expecting to set up in the rain so we were mentally prepared. Our goal was to make it up on one tank of gas but we decided to fill up 45 min out. We tried to find the cheapest gas station but found out there was a cheaper one closer to the island. The cost to fill up was around 32$ for our 2008 Rav4.

At first, we weren’t sure if we wanted to set up camp first or get food and ice for our cooler. We decided to set up camp first due to the weather. We purchased a cheap tent, the one we were going to use has holes, it did the job. Once we got food and camp was set up, we decided to drive into town to explore.

View from Bar Harbor
Bar Hardor Shops

We walked along the water and found a path that lead to Main St. The shops were closed, it was late on a Sunday. We ended the day with a hot meal but we were awoken by torrential downpours and thunder. The rain calmed down and we fell asleep to the rain hitting the top of the tent, which is always peaceful.

Day 2 – May 20

Day 2 started off wet, cool and foggy. We decided to take to the road and explore the island. We wanted to scope out sight seeing spots, hiking trails and food spots.


The fog does add a nice touch.


We came across this little overlook.

Leading up to the cliffs are beautiful log steps which were covered in puddles. As semi-not-so-much professional photographers, we couldn’t resist taking pictures of the pebbles under the water. (Taken with an iPhone and Samsung Note, so professional!)



The view is amazing! Video below:

I think the fog adds a nice touch, reminds me of the movie The Mist. We continued down the road and found Hunters Beach Trail, which is on our “To visit” list.






We did not take any pics with our phones but we have a Polaroid Camera, classic.


It was a peaceful day. Before we left, this cute little bird decided to stop by and say hello.


Exploring with your significant other, your best friend, really makes the journey complete.

With our legs sore and stomachs empty, we headed into town for a bite to eat. Epi’s Pizza and Subs was the first pizza restaurant we came to. We ordered a medium pepperoni pizza, it was good! Inexpensive as well.


Dessert was our minds, ice cream! Which we have not had in a while, yum!


Our stomachs were full and walked Main St to find sweaters. I’ve heard a lot of good things about hemp and we’re trying to become more eco friendly/decrease our carbon footprint. Bar Harbor Hemporium is a decent size hemp store that sells clothing, jewelry, bags, meditation accessories, the works. Worth a visit next time you’re visiting Bar Harbor. As the sun began to set, we drove to a few more overlooks.




Day 2 ended with a small camp fire with left over pizza. They tell you not to leave food out or else the animals will eat it.. Well, we forgot about 2 pieces of pizza in the pizza box and we were awoken by something eating it. I heard the box open and get dragged away. Sounded like a small animal and was easily deterred by my hand hitting the tent. We were not bothered by any other animals for the rest of the trip.

Day 3 – May 21

Day 3 started off with a hot cup of coffee. Yumm!


We weren’t really sure what we wanted to do. Neither of us had slept well in the past few nights but we hit the road. Driving into town we found A Slice of Eden Pastry Shop.


Steph got a bacon egg and cheese with cheddar cheese on a cheddar cheese bagel… yeah. I got a bacon egg and cheese with pepper jack on an everything bagel. They also had chocolate cake glazed donut that are to die for!


Every bite was warm, moist and you wanted more and more. We took this picture after parking and walking to the beginning of the trail, that part is started below.

We knew we wanted to visit Jordan Pond so we pulled up google maps to check our position. It was about a mile down the road, perfect. The first side road parking we came to was full which was disappointing, we were not sure if there was any other parking so we continued. We came across a second parking lot on the side of the road with free spaces. We noticed the path to Jordan Pond so we grabbed our bags and lunch and headed off.



We had to take a selfie.


We hiked around the west side of the pond but turned around to hike up the east side. Look what we found! To be honest, this is a first for the 2 of us, it’s fresh!




Love this bridge!


We did not know that Jordan Pond Path lead to Bubbles Divide.


This path was challenging for us, halfway up we were climbing over steep large rocks. It has been a while since we hiked something like this. We pushed through and made it to the top. What a view!



We took a picture of Bubbles Rock on the polaroid.



The hike up to Bubbles Rock lead to a few other trails. One leads back down to the original parking spot we saw, the one that was full. Another trail lead back to our camp site and the one we just did lead to Jordan Pond. I believe we hiked the north trail. We walked down the way we came up because other hikers warned not to go down the south trail. It was difficult to go up and challenging to go down, especially if you’re afraid of heights. On our way back to our car, we saw a tree covered in woodpecker holes. First time seeing woodpecker holes this close!


We got back to the car and drove to the top of Cadillac Mountain.


Such a nice view.

We were getting hungry so we drove back to camp, started a fire and cooked some hot dogs and hamburgers.

Day 4 – May 22

Day 4 started off at A Slice of Eden, now the usual local joint to hit up before an adventure. Jesup Path was on our list next. We didn’t expect to see many butterflies or animals due to the weather.




Such a nice day! We saw what we believe to be tadpole eggs?


The Jesup Path leads to the Wild Gardens of Acadia and Dorr Mt Trail.




To be continued.