King/Benson Preserve Trail

March 19, 2019

It’s a beautiful day in Lil Rhody and we want to go for a hike. To save on gas, we decided to search All Trails for a local hike. There are plenty of hikes in Rhode Island but there is a lack of elevation, so no real sightseeing. However, it’s always nice to get away from people and just spend time in nature.

King Benson Preserve Trail in Saunderstown, RI.

According to Google Maps, the drive is 30 minutes. We knew it was warm out with clear skis, so we set off. The temperature was around 56 degrees, sweatshirt weather. The drive was short and the parking lot is small but can fit around 7 or 8 cars. There is an outhouse at the beginning of the trail with a small solar panel.

The trail is kept up very well due to high traffic and there is surprisingly little to no trash. A few single gloves were found along the trail but that is it.

King/Benson Preserve Trail System map

We hiked roughly 4 miles, blue to yellow, around the loop and back.


Halfway through is a small mound with a bench at the top. We sat for about 30 minutes and enjoyed the peace and quiet. I decided to try the MRE I have in my “Get home bag” which wasn’t bad. Spaghetti with a cookie, peanut butter spread, and drink mix.

Cute couple

As we hike, we try to find things that are unique to that trail. We came across the tree below.

As we neared the end, Steph noticed an owl. The owl blends in but she has a good eye.


I got out my binoculars to take a closer look, beautiful animal. We walked back to the car and drove into Jamestown.

Newport Bridge

As we sat to enjoy the view, we looked up local restaurants. We wanted pizza and found Ace’s Pizza. Steph ordered a small pepperoni pizza and I ordered a small Firehouse pizza. We drove back down the street and parked in the same spot as before to enjoy our food. The pepperoni pizza was delicious but the Firehouse was not. The middle was warm but outside was hot. The drive back was a nice end to this journey.

Thanks for reading: Conor Phalen

All pictures belong to and were taken by us via cell phone.