Jamaica State Park

March 24, 2019

We decided to take a day trip so we did what we always do, Google Maps. We looked for state parks that were not too far from where we live but close enough for a day trip. Vermont sounded like a good idea so we focused in. Jamaica State Park, Jamaica, VT. About a 2 hour and 45 minute drive from our home. We opened up our All trails app and looked for a decent hike.

The temperature in RI was around 62 degrees and about 60 degrees in VT. The drive was nice, we were able to lower the windows to enjoy the breeze. As we pulled into the parking lot, we noticed snow/ice on the ground. The air is cool but tolerable with appropriate clothing.

We expected snow but did not expect all the ice, especially on the trail. The high traffic on the trail has compacted the snow and the daytime warmth mixed with nighttime cold melted/froze the snow. We do not own crampons but decided to hike anyway.

The main trail is Hamilton Falls trail. It runs along side west river which leads to Ball Mountain Reservoir. Hiking was a fun challenge for the both of us without the use of crampons. We came across Little Ball Mountain Overlook Trail which is a 2.4 mile loop.

Oh boy!

The beginning was fairly steep and icy but we decided to stick it out until we reached the overlook.

It was beautiful! Well worth the slips and ‘almost’ falls. There were a few clouds but overall clear skies. We were thankful to have gone in the winter, we could see the busyness of the town below. Looking down from above the trees made it seem like a dream. We saw smoke raise from the chimneys, the cars going about their business, snow is on the ground and the trees are casting shadows. It was perfect. We remained up there for about 3 hours, just enjoying the peace and quiet.

The wifey
The hubby

This trail is a loop but we decided to go back the way we came. As we walked down, we found it more difficult than on the way up but we weren’t surprised. However, going down is always quicker than going up.

So pretty

When we got back to the car, we decided to explore around the campground. There are many lean-to’s with fire pits along the river and hunting as well as fishing is permitted with a permit. There is also a playground which would be good for kids.


After every adventure we like to hit a local restaurant. Honeypie seemed like a nice little place so we investigated.

Hokeypie menu

Two ‘Bring It’ burgers later and we are stuffed. The amount of grease was overwhelming but we paid for the burgers so we ate them. We try to eat all natural but like to support small business instead of going to your local McDonalds or pizza joint. That’s the end of this adventure, please enjoy the others.

Thanks for reading: Written by Conor.

All pictures belong to and were taken by us via cell phone.