Cascading Waters

May 29, 2018

Another beautiful day and we are itching for adventure. We want a local hike but also want to go for a drive. Google Maps is always a good option for general searches. We came across Cascading Waters in Worcester, MA which is an hour away. Perfect weather for a drive with the windows down and music on high.

The parking lot we parked in is small, it can only fit 2 or 3 cars. The hike up to the waterfall is short and it runs under a bridge.

We tried to capture a pic of a bird, as seen in the last pic. Also seen in the last pic is the actual parking lot. If you Google it, it might come up with a different parking lot but they’re all connected. The hike we hiked was a loop, roughly 2.2 miles, lightly trafficed. After the hike, we explored the town.

We got a pepperoni pizza and frozen yogurt for dessert. What a great way to end the day!